Need A Lite-Brite Pages of Templates?

Are looking for Lite-Brite pages or templates for your wonderful lite-brite frame? You might like different designs and different style right? Maybe an animal designs or some unique vehicle designs perfect for your frame where you can place at. Lite-brite pages can be now purchased online or you can get a free sample of lite brite pages or templates online. All you have to do is look for the lite-brite refill sheets at Glowpeg.com. They offers printable lite brite refill sheets and they will give a free download sample of lite brite refill sheets, pages or templates online.

Here are some sample of printable lite brite pages/templates from Glowpeg.com. You can have free sample download of printable lite brite refill sheets:

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Is there a downloadable templates? I wanna get it.